GATech Hackathon 2010

We just finished our first ever Camp Hackathon at Georgia Tech. I think this is the most people I’ve ever seen stay up for the whole 24 hours. Our very own Justin Mitchell pulled the all-nighter, and then continued on until 3am the next morning! I haven’t heard from him, I hope he’s still alive…

Here is the answer to “who stayed up all night?”

People who stayed up all 24 hours

Viral Award - Scategories

As a fun twist, we said whoever could get the most likes on their post, would win a prize. After only about 50 minutes, the winners had a whopping 37 likes! What a friend-graph they have.

Viral Award Winners

They built a scategories Java app based on the course descriptions for their 8 specializations.

Best Video Sharing App - Virtual and Social Collaborative Video

A website that lets you synchronize watching videos with your friends in real-time. It was built using HTML 5 and Comet.

Video Sharing App

Best Birthday Wishing Service - Lazy Wisher

Taking slacking to whole new heights! This app will automatically ease the pain of having over 500+ ‘friends’. Just add this app and let the automatic b’day wishes flow from your ‘heart’ and into your ‘friends’ wall. Be the ‘friend’ everyone thinks you are and install this app.

Birtday Wisher

Second Place - Social Juke Box

Social Juke Box is an application that lets you browse through music suggested by your friends to you. In the author’s opinion, this is what Apple Ping should have been.

Social Juke Box

First Place - DroiStick

A pair of handheld game controllers for multi player Facebook Games. This particular project implemented a ping pong game in JavaScript as a Facebook application which communicates with the clients (Android handheld device). All the interaction and motion of the game is dependent on the motion of the handheld device (similar to Wii controllers).


Grand Prize - FB-Lingo

A simple greasemonkey script built ontop of Google Transliterate, that lets you type in English but post the characters in any language you want. In addition, you can translation any languages characters into their closest English sounds.



Thank you to all of our amazing engineers Hisham Harik, Justin Mitchell, Kiran Sidhu, and awesome recruiter Clifton Tay.

Keep Hacking!
Paul Tarjan

Posted on 14 September 2010 by Paul Tarjan

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