Subway Card

As some might have noticed, Subway just came out with a new Point system. Doing some quick back-of-the-napkin math:

Number of PointsItemFace Value$ /point
101 Cookie$0.49$0.049
151 Bag of Chips$0.99$0.066
2021 oz. Drink$1.39$0.0695
35Mini Sub$2.69$0.07686
50Regular 6" Sub or Wrap$3.69$0.0738
75Regular Footlong Sub or Salad$5.89$0.0785

I had to approximate some prices, but I just arbitrarily picked a Ham Sub since it was on all 3 of the lists (mini, 6”, 12”).

So, even taking a cheep Ham sub, it is better to save up for the footlong. Especially if you want to go all the way and get a fancy footlong!

Their old “Buy 12 get 1 free”, would have converted to 60 points for a Footlong, and 36 points for a 6” (assuming 5 points / footlong, and 3 points / 6”). So the Footlongs got a bit more expensive, but still almost comparable to the old system.

Posted on 18 November 2008 by Paul Tarjan

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