The Birth of a Blog

Every blog needs a beginning, so here we go.

I started a blog that I hosted when I first moved down to California to go to Stanford, and all my friends back home loved it. As usual, I got busy and stopped caring about it, and it slowly died a sad death.

Then I moved out of Stanford and into a place in Santa Clara which forced me to get internet from Comcast… Yeah… So I didn’t have the upstream bandwidth to host my own site anymore, but luckily I got a free hosting account from Yahoo (since I work there) and moved all my content there. Except for the sad old blog which perished. I’m sure it is somewhere on my home linux box, and one day I might resurrect it for fun, but for now it can languish in our memories.

So, everytime I visit someone else’s website I cringe at the antiquated abomination that mine has become, so here is my new begining! May it be better than the last.

Posted on 12 July 2008 by Paul Tarjan

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